Project Excellence

Jōb Industrial’s Impact on Key Sectors

What do Salt Lake City, Utah, and Houston, Texas, have in common? Together, they form the beating heart of Jōb Industrial Services. We intentionally placed our offices in these two locations, recognizing them as hubs of activity pertaining to our work. While our offices are in Salt Lake City and Houston, our reach extends far beyond, as we’ve successfully completed projects nationwide. Not only does Jōb span across the country, but our capabilities span across industries — from refining to petrochemical to midstream to mining and industrial.

Refining & Petrochemical

Jōb Industrial Services has contributed to a wide range of successful turnkey EPC projects for the refining and petrochemical sectors by utilizing the expertise of our talented engineers, designers and technicians. With the brightest minds and the latest technology within the industry, Jōb delivers best-in-class EPC services, standalone engineering support and chemical process optimization for our clients.

When a crude unit at a Corpus Christi refinery wasn’t producing as many barrels as they desired, Jōb stepped in to help. Through our extensive experience in evaluating heaters, updating BMS, exchanger replacement, relief valve evaluations, and more for multiple domestic refiners, we performed thorough HYSYS modeling to debottleneck the unit. As a result, the refinery has the potential to gain an additional 10,000 barrels per day.

As a result, the refinery has the potential to gain an additional 10,000 barrels per day

From crude and vacuum fractionation to sour water stripping to amine treating, we dedicate ourselves to performing extensive work on the front end to eliminate costly, unplanned outages further in your project’s life cycle. When you partner with Jōb, you work with a cross-functional team skilled in creative problem-solving.


When it comes to the midstream industry, Jōb does it all. Whether your terminal or refinery needs to transport and store liquid hydrocarbon products or treat and process natural gas, our team understands doing both safely and efficiently is paramount. Jōb Industrial Services has a proven track record of skillful engineering and design within the midstream sector.

For instance, a large midstream operator required engineering support to develop a high-level TIC to increase its black wax storage capacity. With one black wax storage tank within the refinery tank farm, Jōb was tasked with estimating the cost of constructing three new 120,000-barrel tanks and associated equipment, piping and electrical to accomplish the client’s goal. Our team delivered comprehensive P&IDs, a plot plan, pipe routing, heat loss calculations and a TIC estimate to advise the client on their next steps.

Through effective project management, communication and a multidisciplinary approach combining process, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, Jōb was able to directly increase the economic growth and overall effectiveness of the operator’s facility. We can do the same for you, too.

Mining & Industrial

Jōb Industrial Services has worked in the mining and industrial sector in the western United States for over a decade. We’re a tried-and-true services provider for some of the world’s leading metal and mineral producers. Headquartered in Utah, we’re at the heart of the mining and heavy industrial sectors.

In 2019, we were honored to be selected by US Magnesium, the largest magnesium producer in North America, to perform the detail design for Utah’s first lithium carbonate plant. Upon completion of the project, it was named the 2019 Energy/Industrial Project of the Year by the Associated General Contractors of Utah. Jōb Industrial Services was recognized in three categories as the lead design firm, structural engineer and civil engineer. Our team was humbled and grateful to have contributed to such a monumental project, especially in our home of the Beehive State.

Jōb Industrial Services was recognized in three categories as the lead design firm, structural engineer and civil engineer.

Although we love Utah, the Jōb Industrial Services team is poised to deliver top-notch services to your mining or industrial project, no matter where you’re located. Wherever we travel, we take on projects with the attitudes of worker bees. When you task the Jōb team with a project, we’ll relentlessly serve you and complete your project safely, efficiently and effectively to maximize the output and bottom line of your facility.

Jōb Industrial’s experienced team is equipped to handle even the most challenging of projects at any stage within the refining, petrochemical, midstream, mining and industrial sectors. Whether your project requires engineering, design, procurement, construction or start-up, we’re capable of providing best-in-class services across industries. At Jōb, we work as partners with our clients, bringing our team’s talent to the table to help solve our clients’ problems and produce the best possible outcomes. Ready to partner with us on your next project?