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The Power of 3D

Jōb Industrial Services has been utilizing 3D modeling for all its designs since the company was founded in 2005, long before 3D modeling was popular in the industrial markets. Our understanding of 3D modeling and scanning and its value to our clients has streamlined our engineering process making our services far more efficient.

We utilize a digital laser scan that collects millions of data points creating a point cloud. The point cloud can be utilized to provide our client with virtual tours throughout an area in their facility in order to envision existing equipment as well as to incorporate new designs.

The point cloud benefits include

  • Accuracy of the Digital Scan Compared to Traditional Manual Data Collection Reduces Field Modifications and Change Orders in the Construction Phase

  • Saving Time and Money for Our Partners

  • Improving Safety by Minimizing Field Visits to Take Measurements

  • Allows the Client to have Input into the Design and see the Image Prior to any Construction

New Refinery Fin Fan

An example of utilizing 3D technology would be for a new refinery fin fan with Access Platforms. There is limited space for pipe racks, tanks, valve stations, exchangers and roadway access. Jōb Industrial Services' approach was able to maximize shop fabrication of structural steel for this client, as we were able to utilize the laser scan to resolve conflicts before the fin fan and platform were constructed. 


A Unique Approach

Our approach saves time and money for our clients.

This video demonstrates how we can visualize new design elements incorporated into an existing laser-scanned facility.

This video demonstrates how a model can be used to determine equipment for demolition as well as the addition of new equipment. It is very useful in planning and turnaround applications.