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Jason Jōb

“Always start a company to make a difference. Never start a company just to make money.”

Jason Job, Chief Executive Officer

Jason’s experience and entrepreneurial spirit drives our Jōb Industrial team confidently forward into the future. Whether Jason is mentoring an engineer or designer or visiting with our partners, for Jason, it is all about relationships and helping others. He is driven by a desire for his company associates to understand and reach their potential while providing elite services to our clients. His exceptional leadership skills and thoughtfulness motivate our team to excel.


Steve Wendel

“Let’s find the most effective path forward as partners, and watch our teams succeed."

Steve Wendel, President & Chief Operating Officer

Steve’s 20 years up and down stream in various roles have honed his keen sense of direction. Steve has a knack for analyzing process and quickly deducing the best way to optimize systems and execute work. Steve’s big heart comes through in his work, as he revels in solving problems for our clients. Steve is our “triple threat guy,” an amazing operator and mechanical engineer with exceptional communication skills.


Scott Stenbery

“Our clients are not just “numbers” to us ... they are the reason we strive to go beyond the way it has always been done.”

Scott Stenberg, Chief Financial Officer

Scott is our accounting expert. He steers Jōb Industrial through the financial waters so that we can concentrate on our customer’s needs. With his attention to detail and passion for accuracy he has been an integral force in Jōb’s ability to fiscally thrive. His ability to impart fiscal orientation to our owners and partners in a succinct manner allows for Jōb to make rapid and intelligent maneuvers. 


Lisa Tyree

“Everyone knows their business; we strive to innovate and make your operation better."

Lisa Tyree, Vice President

Lisa’s charisma, strength and enthusiasm allow her to maintain exceptional relationships and a top- notch service level with our clients. Lisa prides herself on her work ethic, service forethought and genuine care for both clients and associates. Lisa’s “Hearts and Minds” philosophy has made her successful in hiring, cultivating and executing business strategies that yield extraordinary fiscal results while fostering a second to none TEAM atmosphere.


“It’s important to show we care deeply about employees’ aspirations and each customer’s unique needs.”

Randy Nelson, Vice President of Operations

As VP Operations, Randy keeps the gears turning for the company; he’s kind of a big “wheel.” When it comes to project execution, Randy brings a passion for engineering, safety and meeting client expectations from the wheelhouse to the drawing board. He is a degreed mechanical engineer with more than 28 years of experience leading engineering services and major project teams. When not driving success for Jōb Industrial, you can find Randy mountain biking, four wheeling, golfing or vacationing with his family at Bear Lake.


Ben Rand

“Love it? Then learn it and live it.”

Ben Rand, Director of Information Technology

Ben Rand is not just our IT Director, he is our “IT factor.” Ben is the company “AutoDad,” as he is prolific and certified in all things AutoDesk/AutoCad. When Ben is not commanding our Technological Universe at Jōb Industrial, he is educating others as a presenter for AutoDesk University. Ben is frequently on the move playing a variety of sports, but he always slows down long enough to make sure things are running smoothly here at Jōb.


Darin Wood

“If all I do is try, that means I don't truly believe I can succeed.”

Darin Wood, Director of Engineering

From start to finish, Darin is all hands-on-deck to ensure our engineering efforts are second to none. As director of engineering, Darin combines his 30 years of industry experience in complete EPC operations and process optimization to deliver engineering excellence to our customers. Through leadership, training and mentoring, Darin has a vision for delivering results amongst our high-power engineering team. When he is not orchestrating his team to provide quality solutions to our customers, Darin can be found off-roading or deep within one of Star War’s galaxies far, far away…