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Our Story

Our CEO Jason Job had a dream; a dream to not only build, but nurture and grow an EPC firm with a solid team of people who together held faith and family first, while being industry leaders. In 2005, a tight-knit group of seven engineers and designers came together to bring that dream and vision to life.

Fifteen years later, we can proudly say that we’ve grown exponentially from that first core group, and our ‘founding fathers’ remain with us. We’ve been able to maintain steady growth year over year by focusing on our core values, while keeping our mission and vision in plain sight. Our company has always focused on teamwork, and we happily boast a coaching environment both in and out of the office, and the team we have built today is proof that it works.

Our employees’ success and well-being are of the highest importance. It’s simple; when employees are allowed to reach their full potential as a professional, no matter what their expertise or focus, ultimately the business succeeds. Many of our employees have decades of experience in the chemical or oil and gas industry; consequently, we have made it a habit to boldly extract best practices from this group of gurus.

Jōb Industrial Services is a family-oriented, fun, fresh place to work, and we are always keen to embrace new and improved approaches to business.

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    Our Mission

    To provide the highest value of engineering, procurement and construction services through a highly talented, trained and motivated staff, supported with the latest technology.

    We are a Triple Bottom Line Company

    All businesses must make money, but triple bottom line (TBL) companies realize that they can do more. While the idea of TBL seems to have fairly recently gained traction in the corporate world, the principles behind this concept have always driven the decision making within Jōb Industrial. We are conscientious of the positive social and environmental influence we can make as an organization. With faith and family at the forefront of company culture from day one, this well-rounded approach to “success” has guided our growth over the last 15+ years.


    PEOPLE: We Have an Obligation to Serve Others.

    The value given to People naturally includes those employed by Jōb Industrial, but it also considers community beyond our walls who we have the opportunity to impact … our clients, our partners and the communities in which we live and raise our families. Whether through hosting a Halloween party for our employees’ families, rallying resources to donate to our local food bank, or donating time and profits to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, our leadership holds the expectation of people first.


    PLANET: We Will Make an Impact.

    Our firm is proud to be involved in supporting the implementation of some of the most recent renewable energy designs and technologies and understands the impact the work will have on future environmental impacts.  Beyond the influence our engineering expertise creates, the decisions made by our team members each and every day carries just as much power to impact the planet. First and foremost, be mindful.


    PROFIT: What is Our Economic Impact?

    For our organization, it’s not just a dollar amount, it’s our economic impact.  As an equal opportunity employer with a diverse background of employees and contractors, we continue to grow responsibly to create more jobs for our community.  Additionally, our business generates innovation used in multiple industrial sectors, impacting the future of the energy landscape.  Responsibility to People and the Planet contributes to the overall profit our company will create.







    Our Vision

    To be the most dependable engineering, procurement and construction management partner in the oil & gas, power, materials and chemical sectors.