Engineer Your Future With Jōb Industrial Services

Count on Jōb for a Job Well Done

Since 2005, Jōb Industrial Services has been committed to performing expert EPC, engineering and chemical process optimization services for our clients within the refining and petrochemical, midstream, mining and industrial sectors.

With Jōb, our clients get the best of both worlds. We’re an EPC company large enough to possess the technical capabilities necessary to contribute to substantive projects across the globe but small enough to provide personalized attention to our clients and adapt to their specific needs. We’re driven by the desire to understand the intricacies of our clients’ respective markets and projects to provide the highest quality services and achieve the highest amount of client satisfaction.

EPC Services

At Jōb Industrial Services, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services by utilizing decades of combined industry experience. From the Gulf Coast to the Rocky Mountains, we perform EPC services ranging from process design to commissioning and start-up through in-house expertise. Our primary goal as an EPC company is to deliver the best EPC services for our clients with the highest degrees of safety, cost efficiency and quality.

Jōb is grateful to report one of the leading safety records in the industry. Whether they be our team or a client, we put people first and work diligently each day to prove it. Our strong relationships with regulatory agencies allow us to successfully site and permit transmission and distribution projects with safety in mind.

Engineering Support

From process to piping/mechanical to civil/structural to E&I to automation engineering, Jōb Industrial Services offers a full suite of technical engineering services from some of the industry’s most experienced engineers, designers and technicians. We strive to be versatile and cross-functional, with our team members from various disciplines collaborating on each aspect of a project, from inception to execution.

At Jōb, we design constructible projects. Our project team has extensive construction experience, allowing them to create systems that are both feasible and functional systems in the real world, not just on paper. We also prioritize efficiency in managing engineering projects through our internal proprietary software, JEMS (Jōb Engineering Management System). Through JEMS, our team can quickly and accurately adapt to any updates on a particular project.

Chemical Process Optimization

With an average of 30+ years of experience within the industry, our team of chemical engineers maximizes the cost efficiency, effectiveness and quality of your specialty additive, process and water treatment chemical programs. We provide an expert assessment from an operational, technical and procurement standpoint and provide financial and technical KPIs to evaluate the success of your programs.

Our chemical process optimization service offerings are among the most thorough within the chemical management space, and they give the owner an objective, third-party perspective on their program’s strengths and weaknesses.

3D Modeling

Jōb Industrial Services began utilizing 3D modeling to design and engineer systems long before many of our competitors. Since 2005, we’ve employed 3D modeling and scanning to streamline our engineering processes and spot potential problems in the design phase before construction even begins.

Whether you need to retrofit your system with a new boiler or assistance designing a new greenfield facility, Jōb Industrial Services can help. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and leverage the most advanced technology, like LiDAR, in building information modeling and point cloud scans to save our clients time and money.

Finite Element Analysis

We provide advanced finite element analysis services to our clients in order to troubleshoot equipment through structural and thermal stress analysis, thermal cycling and more. By performing thorough finite element analysis during the design process, project costs significantly decrease and potential problems are identified before construction.

At Jōb Industrial Services, we go above and beyond. Many of today’s commercially available finite element analysis software packages aren’t capable of conducting complex multiphysics simulations, but Jōb takes advantage of industry-leading Ansys software that makes these kinds of studies possible for your project.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

Jōb Industrial Services performs advanced computational fluid dynamics modeling to predict flow rates, patterns and distribution throughout your systems. CFD modeling helps promote effective design and cost efficiency, from evaluating existing equipment to designing new equipment.

From EPC services and chemical process optimization to finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics modeling, our number one goal is to serve our clients well. Jōb Industrial Services is dedicated to helping deliver better project outcomes through our track record of successful projects, long-term client relationships and maintaining the highest safety standards.

For more information on our services and how they may benefit your project, contact our Salt Lake City office at (801) 433-0901 or our Houston office at (832) 864-2565.