Vessels Analysis for Stresses During Post Weld Heat Treat

Jōb Industrial Services was called upon to analyze vessels for stresses during Post Weld Heat Treat (PWHT). Items of concern were to prevent deformation/yielding the material, including internals; determine possible damage in the heating process; and determine if a crane was needed during PWHT.

Utilizing Ansys Software in both cases, we determined that one vessel had internals in the PWHT zone that we needed to address to prevent damage and that the other vessel had a few spots with under insulation corrosion that needed repair and PWHT. After analyzing the specifications it was determined that a crane was not needed.

Jōb Industrial helped create a heating plan to avoid the common occurrence of damage during the heating system, and there was no detectable warpage or deformation in any parts of the vessel including the internals.

We find it very rewarding to be able to save our clients time, money and stress by utilizing this software and our experienced engineers’ evaluations.  We like to call that a Jōb well done.

Vessels Analysis for Stresses

Vessels Analysis