Jōb Industrial Services Completes Phase Two in Innovative Solid Refining Technology Commercialization

Jōb Industrial Services (Jōb), an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company serving the oil and gas, power, materials and chemical industries, has completed Phase 2 and is initiating Phase 3 of front-end engineering for Frontier Applied Sciences, Inc. (FAS), who has developed a proprietary, next-generation solid refining technology.

The innovative new technology, FASform, is a continuous phase process that uses heat and pressure to reform, refine and liberate the constituents of solid carbonaceous materials that contain volatile compounds. This solid carbon fractionation process is a major game-changer that will likely transform how coal, lignite, oil sands and waste plastics are used and valued. In addition to producing hydrocarbon liquids, FASform generates a high-value coke product and hydrogen-rich gas, suitable for industrial-scale operation. Due to the efficiency of FASform, products can be delivered to market at or below market comparable prices without reliance upon government subsidies or carbon credits.

Steve Wendel, chief operating officer, Jōb Industrial Services, said, “Jōb has now completed Phase 2 front-end engineering and has recently witnessed the operation of the FASform demonstration unit and reviewed sampling data that supports the anticipated results of the FASform process. Jōb is proud to serve as FAS’ engineering partner as we actively initiate Phase 3, taking this new and exciting technology from concept to implementation and large-scale operation, through our world class engineering capabilities.”

Joe Witherspoon, chief technology officer, Frontier Applied Sciences, said, “FASform technology will be commercialized at an opportune time – supporting an industry that has faced significant challenges over the years. We look forward to completing Phase 3 alongside our engineering partner Jōb, who have been instrumental in bringing this revolutionary energy and environmental technology to the marketplace.”