Evaluation, Purchase and Initial Operation of an Idled Refinery

An interested party began evaluating the purchase of the idled refinery on the East Coast. The primary motive for such a purchase was to secure jet fuel production. A wholly owned subsidiary was formed in order to evaluate, purchase and operate the refinery. Outside expertise was engaged in order to quickly perform due diligence for the purchase, to plan for re-starting the refinery, and to begin formation of the refinery organization. Jōb Industrial Services was one of the necessary parties that formed that outside expertise. General scope of the due diligence efforts was to develop an understanding of the structure, condition, operation and potential of the refinery. Due diligence tasks performed by Jōb Industrial Services included the review of documentation and drawings on refinery units, performing refinery unit walkthroughs, and interviewing the prior owner’s operations management personnel.

Activities Prior to Close

  • Assisted with reviewing inspection records in order to determine any modifications required in order to restart the refinery

Turnaround Activities

  • Reviewed turn-around plans, operating and startup procedures, incident and repair histories

  • Assisted turnaround planners, mechanical contractors and the inspection group

  • Assisted with equipment inspections, flushing/cleaning and catalyst change-outs

  • Implemented automated flare pilot ignition

  • Designed tie-ins for flexibility and future capital improvement projects

Startup and Initial Operation

  • Assisted with instrument and control challenges during startup

  • Assisted with DCS and other automation systems

  • Monitored temperatures, pressures and flows

  • Assured smooth transition

  • Participated in daily operations meetings

Miscellaneous Activities

  • Provided environmental permitting assistance

  • Estimated emissions from SRU/TGU during startup

  • Evaluated spill volumes

  • Assisted operations with general support

Due diligence work was just the beginning for the partnership with Jōb Industrial Services. The final and very sizeable work performed was the design and startup assistance for a new Flare Gas Recovery Unit. Securing jet fuel production is very important to our valued client. Jōb Industrial Services was able to assist throughout the process, the outcome being a successful product and a happy client.