Refining and Petrochemical

Vessels Analysis for Stresses During Post Weld Heat Treat

Jōb Industrial Services was called upon to analyze vessels for stresses during Post Weld Heat Treat (PWHT). Items of concern were to prevent deformation/yielding the material, including internals; determine possible damage in the heating process; and determine if a crane was needed during PWHT. Utilizing Ansys Software in both cases, we determined that one vessel

Process Engineering and Design for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

A client was having issues with volatile organic compound (VOCs) air emissions coming from the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) within their refinery.  Jōb Industrial Services (Jōb) was contracted to evaluate the existing configuration of the facility and to design a solution to reduce air emissions to an amount significantly below their permitted limit. Jōb found

Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Storage Tank Replacement

A used LPG storage vessel was modified and put into service as the sulfur tank for SRU#1 at the Cheyenne, WY, refinery, currently owned by HollyFrontier. Over the years, several repairs were made to that tank’s shell and internal steam piping. HollyFrontier determined that the tank should be replaced, due to concerns with tank integrity

Evaluation, Purchase and Initial Operation of an Idled Refinery

An interested party began evaluating the purchase of the idled refinery on the East Coast. The primary motive for such a purchase was to secure jet fuel production. A wholly owned subsidiary was formed in order to evaluate, purchase and operate the refinery. Outside expertise was engaged in order to quickly perform due diligence for

Sulfur Priller and Coke Material Handling Units Revamp Project

Owners of an idled oil refinery are in the process of a major restart. The start-up of the refinery is expected to process 200,000 bbl/day of crude with the primary objective to meet the demands of the low sulfur standard established by the International Marine Organization (IMO). As part of the refinery re-start, the coker

Crude Unit, Corpus Christi Project Hysys Modeling

Jōb Industrial Services recently performed extensive Hysys modeling in order to debottleneck a crude unit for a Gulf Coast refiner to gain an additional 10,000 barrels per day.  We created PFDs for the proposed system and developed a 50% TIC.    Scope of Work This included: Heat integration, booster pumps, an overhead compression system, increased

CAESAR II Pipe Stress Analysis

We were hired to design a new piping system that routes piping from four relief valves on top of the FCC Fractionator to a blowdown drum. Previously, these vented to atmosphere.   For the pipe stress analysis, the main challenges were the necessity of supporting the piping independent of the Fractionator; the installation of the