Mining and Industrial

Gold Mill Sulfur Facilities – Engineering and Startup Assistance

Jōb Industrial Services helped a mine to increase their bottom line, by enabling their low sulfur ore for an additional source of gold recovery. They needed a highly reliable sulfur system to achieve this. The client’s roasting facility had an older sulfur storage and injection system that was plagued by corrosion, plugging and leaks. That

Detailed Design and Engineering of an Acidulation Tank

Jōb Industrial Services was successfully awarded the engineering and detail design of a mining project that allowed the autoclaves to remain in operation while the grinding circuit (SAG and Ball mill) was down for maintenance.  The project comprised of adding additional storage capacity to the existing acidulation circuit. The current system consisted of two carbon

First Lithium Carbonate Plant in Utah

The largest producer of magnesium in North America wanted to build the first lithium carbonate plant in Utah. Lithium is a key raw material in the production of lithium ion batteries and ceramics and is a by-product of processed magnesium. They needed an experienced and reputable engineering firm equipped to handle and assist in every