Mining and Industrial Summary

Ammonia Stripper & Copper Reagents Project

Jōb Industrial Services completed the process and detail engineering for a grass roots Ammonia Stripper and Copper Reagents processing unit at a copper mining facility.

Coal to Fuels Project

Jōb Industrial Services was chosen to do a multi-phase project for an innovative new technology, which uses heat and pressure to reform, refine, and liberate the constituents of solid carbonaceous materials that contain volatile compounds and bring it to a large-scale operation. This process granted patents on 5 continents and includes 9 countries, including the

Greenfield Lithium Plant

Jōb Industrial Services worked closely with a client on a new plant that will process 10,000 tons of high-grade lithium per year from stockpiled magnesium by-product. The project included coordination of equipment specifications and procurement, piping and civil/structural and electrical engineering & design. The new plant was designed completely in 3D and the installing contractor

Mountainside Vintage Substation

Jōb Industrial provided detailed engineering services to replace their 1960’s vintage double ended substation at a Rocky Mountain Region copper facility. This mountain side substation provides electrical power to crucial mining operating equipment that operates 24/7. As part of the engineering design, Jōb Industrial developed detailed construction sequencing plans to reduce power outages to a