Project Experience

Renewable Diesel Conversion Project

Jōb Industrial Services was approached to perform the OSBL portion of the conversion at a Rocky Mountain Region refinery. We developed FEL 1,2,3, and detail engineering for the OSBL areas supporting the processing soy oil. Provided design that included feedstock and finished fuel systems, as well as all utilities and firewater systems. This work included

Perchlorate Injection Project

Jōb industrial Services was tasked to improve the catalyst life of the ultraformer reactors. Jōb performed the piping and E&I portion of the project. It was in an extremely congested area and was a major coordination effort that involved refinery engineering, operations, and construction. Jōb procured the instrumentation and other tagged equipment for the project.

Propane Dryer Project

Jōb industrial Services was contacted by a Western Region refiner to repurpose existing vessels within the refinery to replace current salt dryers that have reached end of life. This project involved extensive pipe design and vessel modifications.

FCC Relief to Flare Project

Jōb industrial Services was chosen to perform piping, mechanical, pipe stress and structural needs of the scope of work in an extremely congested area of a Western Region refiner. The goal was to optimize routing to minimize new supports to avoid major excavation efforts. Jōb prepared challenging pipe stress model to compensate for tower growth

Building Siting Project

The Jōb Industrial Services C/S department was hired by a Western Region refiner to develop a TIC to examine multiple buildings in or around process units. Relocation or refurbish near or in the process units, will be required to bring up to current blast zone requirements.

Cooling Tower Project

Scope was to replace a wooden cooling tower that was several decades old and beginning to collapse at a Western Region refiner. Jōb was involved in the OSBL electrical & instrumentation as well as structural work. It was a critical project with extensive field investigation and required a lot of coordination with the cooling tower

UP Railroad Piping Replacement Project

Jōb Industrial Services was contracted to eliminate above ground piping that was routinely damaged by vehicles on a bridge on a well-traveled road/highway. Jōb provided engineering and design and an underground solution to move product safely to the UP-Railroad fuel tank in Boise, Idaho.

Crude & FCC Wash Water Upgrades

Jōb Industrial Services was awarded the detail engineering by a south-central petroleum refining company to modify the existing wash water system at the Crude and FCC units that provided additional water to the overhead heat exchangers to improve equipment reliability.

Turnaround Support

Jōb Industrial Services provided a mechanical and electrical engineering team to assist a Western Region refiner with development Turnaround packages. Once completed, the packages were issued to the site contractors for execution.

Boiler Upgrades

The main boiler plant at a Rocky Mountain Region refiner has been in continuous operation for many decades. It was determined that a major outage was necessary to change main steam header valves and piping. Jōb Industrial Services provided engineering and design support to the maintenance group responsible for the execution of the work.